A budding wine region isn’t the first thing that jumps into most people’s minds when we talk about Kangaroo Island, yet this up and coming wine region has more than 200 hectares under vine and is quickly becoming a sought-after location for numerous grape varieties.

Kangaroo Island wines are slowly becoming recognised for their strong varietal fruit flavours and intense colours as the temperate climate ensures a long, slow ripening of the grapes. And while this flourishing wine region still remains a hidden gem to many, we jumped at the chance to create a wine that could wear the Kangaroo Island GI badge – our 2018 Juxtaposed ‘Boomstick’ Tempranillo.

With the fruit sourced from the Seadragon vineyard near American River in Kangaroo Island, we chose to approach the harvest and winemaking for this wine slightly differently, creating a real point of difference. We used 75% crushed and destemmed and 25% whole bunches, with no adds, filtering or finings, letting the grapes speak for themselves with some gentle guidance.

This Tempranillo reflects the unique terroir of Kangaroo Island while staying true to its varietal roots as a more savoury and less fruity wine.