2019 Juxtaposed FianoFiano is an ancient wine variety that hails from southern Italy around the warmer coastal regions of Campania and the Island of Sicily. It was first introduced to Australia back in 2005 and has continued to grow in popularity since.

This Italian white thrives in hot, dry climates, making it perfect for our Aussie wine regions where the summers are all that, plus more. It has the ability to handle the increasing heat spikes we experience year-on-year during vintage and is a variety that requires substantially less water than other vines.

Our 2019 Juxtaposed Fiano is a far cry from a traditional take on the ancient Italian variety. We chose to barrel ferment this wine, allowing wild yeasts to work their magic in conjunction with the oak influence. With no SO2 used while on lees contact, we kept the barrels well chilled over winter to create a clean, bright and refreshing wine.

This Fiano is high in natural acidity and structure, creating interesting textures and layers that make it a very versatile wine to drink. While our 2019 Fiano can be enjoyed with or without food, we highly recommend the pairing of spicy foods as it compliments the vibrancy of this unique wine.

This wine has great depth and is loaded with flavour and personality.