2018 Juxtaposed ‘Boomstick’ Tempranillo


Wine Notes

This 2018 Juxtaposed ‘Boomstick’ Tempranillo is from the Seadragon Vineyard near American River, Kangaroo Island. 75% of the fruit is crushed and destemmed, with the other 25% processed as whole bunches with no adds, filtering or fining.  This Tempranillo is true to its varietal roots as a more savoury and less fruity wine.


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Recent Reviews

Qwine Reviews
“Big love for the meaty and savoury goodness here. A terrific Tempranillo!

Dark plums and cherries swoon. Cola, earthiness and dried herbs swing in to action with ease. Moreish savoury characters come from 25 % whole bunches. I am captivating by the meatiness though. It’s a wine that just flows beautifully. Fine spices tickle a long and moreish finish. Such an easy wine to enjoy. These Juxtaposed wines are ones to watch. A wine screaming for meaty dishes. Drink now to five years.”

The Wine Front
“Boomstick. Seadragon Vineyard. Near American River. Kangaroo Island. What a collection of things!

Nutty and saline, more to savoury than fruity, cherry/plum sort of flavour, rich silty tannin in a medium-bodied frame. Suggestion of lemon rind and dried herb too, in with a modest cola varietal thing happening.  Good feel to this wine. Texture is a highlight.”

Oz Wine Reviews

“As with the rest of Wes Pearson’s Juxtaposed wines this is lively. It’s high toned and bright, yet not about fruit, with the 25% whole bunches a background influence, the style more contemporary Rioja than something oaky and dusty. You’re better off comparing it to mod McLaren Grenache than a traditional crianza. Bright, fruit, but it gets darker and deeper, with vanilla bean richness filling out the mid palate, then earthen, real tannins finishing things off.”