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2019 Juxtaposed Fiano

2019 Juxtaposed Fiano

2019 Juxtaposed Fiano
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Wine Notes

2019 Juxtaposed Fiano: Bit of a tougher year for the Fiano in 2019. Not sure if you’ll hear that from everyone but we had 3 days of 40+ degree heat on the last couple days of Jan/early Feb which was just a short time before harvest, and the fruit struggled to bounce back a bit. Was just a timing thing – in years past its come through other heat events with flying colours. That’s my take anyway. Barrel fermented, wild yeasts, kept very cold over winter with no SO2 while on lees. There is a touch of RS left in the wine due to unreliable natural ferments but that’s the price you pay for a bit of complexity (I can confirm however that as a consequence this wine is BANGIN with spicy food). I think now that we know how to grow Fiano, and how to make it clean, bright and fresh, the next step will be to build interest through texture. Have I got this right? Not sure. But I learned a lot and I think I’ll make a better wine next year because of it.

Artwork by Saul Matthews.

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Tags: 2019, Fiano, McLaren Vale, Sellicks Foothills

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Sellicks Foothills

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