The sprawling Wait vineyard is situated on a ridge approximately 200 metres above sea level, straddling the Onkaparinga River Gorge National Park. The original parcel of land was purchased in 1926 by Fred Wait and his wife Emily and was run as a vineyard and mixed livestock farm.  Over the ensuing decades, Fred and his descendants purchased adjoining parcels of land and planted to vineyard. The farm is presently owned and managed by third generation Gary, his daughter Robyn and son-in-law Paul.


The Top Bush block was planted in the mid 1940s by Fred’s son Eric, wife Mavis and son Gary. The vines are dry grown in the bush method, with restricted yields when rain is scarce. Soils are characterized by heavy loam topsoil over clay subsoil.


The Sandy Corner block was planted  by Gary and his dad Eric, with some help (dropping cuttings in the planting holes) from the “little” Waits – Gary’s son Andrew and daughter Robyn. Originally bush grown, the vines were trellised onto a single cordon wire in the early 80s. The A second wire was installed a few years later and the block remains in operation as a double cordon trellised block. Soil type is exactly as the block name suggests – Blewitt Springs sand over Blewitt Springs sand!