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2019 Juxtaposed Old Vine Shiraz’s

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Wes Pearson
8 January 2021 | Wes Pearson

2019 Juxtaposed Old Vine Shiraz’s

2019 Juxtaposed Old Vine Shiraz’s

When I was putting the blends together this year I tasted the two wines that ended being bottled on their own and there was just so much unique character between the two. Add in the fact that the Sherry vineyard was sold in late 2019 and we will no longer have access to that fruit, and I thought that it was appropriate to bottle an homage to the vineyard that has been the source of much of our Shiraz grapes for the past few years.

  • Sherry Vineyard ‘Old Block’: planted in 1955, less sand than typical Blewitt Springs, with a bit of ironstone as well. Kind of sitting between a Blewitt and Clarendon soil profile. Always find this wine to be more red fruit driven and concentrated, but always light on its feet, even as the ripeness increases.
  • Wait Vineyard ‘Sandy Old Block’: Planted 1963, classic Blewitt Springs soil profile – beach. Always dark in colour and fruit profile. Usually the structural component in both my Shiraz and Grenaches. Really nice vineyard.

Both these wines see large format, old French and Hungarian oak. No filtering and wouldn’t even know what to do if I had to fine something. Around 100 cases production for each and $37 RRP.


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