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Our label collaboration

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Wes Pearson
26 February 2021 | Wes Pearson

Our label collaboration

Our label collaboration

Another interesting part of our wines this year is our label collaboration. All of this year’s Juxtaposed wines’ labels have been done as a collaboration with Verb Syndicate Creative Studio in Wollongong. They have been curating the Wollongong and Port Kembla street art festivals ‘Wonderwalls’ over the past few years. I wanted to continue the Juxtaposed wines’ connection to modern culture, while shifting gears a little bit. Urban street art has gone from bombing your name up on the subway cars of NYC in the late 70s to the modern representations you’ll see on these labels, but hasn’t lost that authentic, elemental attachment to the street and the b-boy and girl culture that goes along with it.


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